Those words right there are why I write romance. Those words embody my characters’ motivation, their raison d’être. And while they may have obstacle upon obstacle keeping them apart, ultimately they achieve their own happily ever after.

My taste in books BC (Before Child) was often very eclectic. I read my fair share of traditional romances, but I always balanced them out with more thought-provoking prose like Hemingway and Jane Austen.

Then AD (After Delivery) + one year of breastfeeding (which equaled 365 sleepless nights) + many craptastic happenings resulted in:


  1.  The feeling of being brain-dead, often with the inability to put sentences together
  2. Previous time spent reading was now occupied by CHILD
  3. Zero desire to read about craptastic things happening to other people


When I finally had more than five seconds to myself, I started to read again. But nothing heavy. I didn’t want to read about murder or heartbreak or family dysfunction—I had enough of that in real life. I didn’t want to read about anything resembling reality, because my reality, and the reality of those around me sucked quite frankly.

No, I wanted to get the hell away from reality. And I wanted to be able to do it in increments of two pages at a time. I wanted light, and funny, and romantic, because my life was anything but. And at the end of the day, I wanted—no, NEEDED a happy ending.

So when I decided to start a second novel, I chose to write what I had been reading—romantic comedy. I wanted to give back what was given to me, specifically a lot of laughs, a sense of romance, and a much-needed escape from reality.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 02fan
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 11:10:15

    I can’t wait to read your first and hopefully your second novels! I’ve never read a romance in my life so these will definitely be firsts for me. I read to “lose myself” and tend to like historical fiction like Michener and Jakes. I also love action/spy/political thrillers authored by the likes of Vince Flynn. I never considered romance novels but with being a hopeless romantic I might even like them. I know I’ll like yours because I enjoy your writing style.

    Now the question is: how can I pull off reading a romance without my friends finding out and ridiculing me? Do guys actually read romance novels? Certainly none of my friends would ever admit to it! Good thing these are ebooks and I can read them on my Nook to closely guard my secret and preserve my masculine image!


    • Tiffany N. York
      Jul 18, 2012 @ 14:53:51

      Oh yes, you will have to discreetly read it on the Nook lest you be ridiculed! I think the only time men read romance is when they’re trying to figure out what the hell women want, or what they fantasize about…


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