This is a photo taken on April 18, 2012 of Demi Moore, with her good friend Amanda de Cadenet. Demi is Hollywood thin; Amanda is not.

Who would you rather take to bed?

Most would agree Amanda is how a woman should look: Marilyn Monroesque, curvy, voluptuous, while poor Demi appears skeletal.

But here’s the thing. If you were to look at these two women separately, away from each other, I’d bet most women would consider Amanda a tad on the thick side. Put Demi in a skin-tight dress, instead of the terribly unflattering crap she has on in this photo, and a lot of women would be insanely jealous of her thinness.

I’ve come to the sad realization that women want to be thin and look amazing only to outdo other women. They may think they’re dressing for men, for example, but they’re in fact, dressing to look better than any other woman who happens to come within a one-mile radius of them.


When I put on about thirty pounds, my ex thought I looked awesome—more junk in the trunk and all that. I’d look in the mirror and only see me as the 300-lb. version of Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in Shallow Hal. I may have been more attractive to him as my hefty self, but I felt downright gross.

Why do women try so hard to be bony and skinny? Is it because all the women in magazines are bony and skinny? NEWS FLASH: Models and actresses have to be bony and skinny, because 1. The camera puts ten pounds on you; 2. Designers use models without hips and curves, because their clothes drape better on them (and because most of them are gay and secretly wish a naked man was standing in front of them modeling their clothes, instead of a woman.); 3. Go to Wardrobe on any film set and note the sizes: they only have 2 and 4. If you happen to wear a size over those, gossip about that will spread faster than a cold virus in an over-crowded kindergarten classroom.

Would you rather sleep with Christina Hendricks…

Or Keira Knightley…?

I can almost guarantee you that all men would rather sleep with Christina Hendricks, a size 14. Men prefer soft and curvy: not jabby, pointy and flat. We all remember the tasteless comment Madonna’s ex, Guy Ritchie made about how being with her was like “cuddling up with a piece of gristle.”

I can also almost guarantee you that an awful lot of women admire and covet Madonna’s trim physique.

So while a male friend of mine and I can argue for hours, because he insists men prefer this…

I, as a woman, will always prefer this:

Bikini girl

Are women simply victims of societal standards that determine what constitutes beauty?

If men prefer heavier women, then why do women strive to be as thin as tongue depressors?

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  1. 02fan
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 20:27:35

    I suspect your comparitive model might be more like 100 pounds overweight rather than the 30 you suggest. She does have a pretty smile though!


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